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Really Cool Pools

Gizmodo has an article about some really interesting pool concepts from around the world. Here are a few….

Shaw House – Vancouver 

This is a one-bedroom private residence with the pool on the roof with windows on the bottom adding for some serious ambiance in the rooms below.

Ubud Hanging Gardens – Bali

This resort nestled among volcanoes takes the infinity pool to new levels by perching it over a gorge giving guests some amazing scenery

Nemo 33 – Brussels

At 115′ deep, the deepest in the world, this pool is used to train scuba divers.

Joule Hotel – Dallas

What was once the Dallas National Bank Building, its new function as a hotel added this overhanging pool on the 10th floor. Great views of the skyline from this vantage point.

Seagaia Ocean Dome – Miyazaki, Japan

Opened in 1993, this climate controlled dome measured 300 meters by 100 meters and had the largest retractable roof in the world and offered visitors sand and simulated blue skies. It was closed in 2007.

Marina Bay Sands Skypark, Singapore

This infinity pool is located on a skypark perched atop a trio of buildings 55 stories up.

Images courtesy of their respective owners.