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Plantscraper takes vertical farming to the next level. Literally

The future occupants of this skyscraper will be of the green variety but the not of the money-making human types but fruits and vegetables. Designed and developed by Plantagon, the structure has broken ground in Linkoping, Sweden and takes urban farming to the next level. This “plantscraper” will provide the community with plenty off fresh vegetables while any green waste left behind will be recycled into biogas and used to heating and cooling systems.

Images via Plantagon

Thanks to Futurist, Glenn Hough, for the tip!

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Vertical gardens are growing in urban areas

With the appeal of dense urban living growing in popularity around the world, the desire to green these spaces is also growing. This often means sacrificing space for convenience and for those without front or back yards, think of these urban gardens as “vertical lawns”. An added benefit is that they can be used as actual gardens to grow food in addition to provided a green oasis in the concrete jungle.

Via Herald Sun


Image courtesy of John Grainger

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Vietnamese “green” house

Located in the center of Saigon, the owners of this house really went green and it worked amazingly. The stacked greenery evokes a vertical farm but are actually window treatments separating the residents from the hustle and bustle that lurks just outside their front door.

Via ArchDaily


Images courtesy of Hiroyuki Oki

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