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London’s skyline boom shows no sign of slowing down

Fresh off the heels of The London Bridge Tower, aka, The Shard, as well as a few other towers in the City and other places around London, the building boom shows no signs of slowing down as evidenced by this animated gif. Skyscrapers, long a presence in American and later in Asian cities are finding their way across Europe with London and Moscow leading the way. The former holds the title for the tallest building (The Shard) in the EU while the latter holds the title for the tallest building in all of Europe (Mercury City Tower) but it is London who has transformed its skyline dramatically and in fact, there are 200 towers proposed, approved or already under construction. Take that Shanghai and Dubai!

Go to The Guardian’s website for more interactive images

3041323-inline-i-1-londons-crowded-future-skyline-gets-visualized (1)

Images courtesy: Hayes Davidson/The Guardian

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