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We Built This City…On A Ship?

Remember that Starship song from the 80’s? Well, a California based start-up is taking the concept of urban design and community to an entirely different direction. Literally. As in on a ship. Out at sea. Based in Silicon Valley, Blueseed is looking to convert an old cruise ship into a self contained community parked 12 miles off the US coasted in international waters in an effort to draw foreign entrepreneurs otherwise discouraged by American immigration bureaucratic policy. Rather than obtain a work visa, denizens would simply require a simple business visa where they would take a 30-minute boat trip to the mainland once or twice a week. The ultimate plan is for residents to stay on board for up to six months which will require designers to create open inviting space with plenty of natural lighting. To further promote a sense of community, like any land based community, there will be tree lined promenades, shops, and cafes as well as an open workspaces. The project will cost $27 million of which Blueseed still needs $18 million but considering the potential this concept can have in the US and around the world, I could see this happening several times over.




Images courtesy Houzz

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