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Fast, Easy, Bamboo….

Green minded home builders have been looking for the most sustainable methods for building their homes from recycled materials, adobe bricks to building underground, however, it seems that bamboo is probably the most eco-friendly and sustainable of all. Unlike “normal” trees which supply framing for traditional homes, bamboo is fast growing which allows it to be replenished in a fraction of the time it requires to grow a tree and it is very sturdy. In fact, In many East Asian countries, bamboo is the preferred choose for scaffolding over steal we seen in the west.



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Eco-Friendly Luxury Living…In A Shipping Container.

When we think of shipping containers; green comfortable livings spaces probably isn’t one the first images to come to mind but architects and builders have increasingly been using ubiquitous steel boxes into inviting and revolutionary meeting and living spaces. Typically when these containers reach the end of their useful lives, they are scrapped but this doesn’t mean they are no longer useful. Most are still durable enough to be “upcycled” into innovative architecture…

ImageHome in Spain

ImageHome in Canada

ImageShopping center in Cholula, Mexico

ImageStarbucks in Tukwila, Washington

ImageHome in San Antonio, Texas



Container City in London, UK

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Algae-Powered BIQ House – First Of A Kind

The BIQ House, located in Hamburg, is the first of its kind to harness probably what is one of the world’s most plentiful renewable resources. Algae. Of which is embedded in the facade is bio-reactive and responds to environmental conditions much as a living organism would. In bright sunlight, the algae grows faster creating more shading on warmer days as well as capture thermal heat…lessening costs of traditional heating/ cooling methods…a major concern for large commercial buildings. In addition, the biomass can also be harvested to further power the building as biofuel. This is just the beginning in what ARUP,  one the project designers involved, predicts will be a major transformation in sustainable much needed design over the next 50 years. Happy Earth Day!



Images Courtesy of ARUP

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