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This is not an Apple store but the future home of the Korean Presidential archives

Design firm, SAMOO, used the Republic of Korea’s (South Korea) great seal and its box used by presidents as inspiration for the new Presidential Archive’s cubical form. The exhibition hall will be a collective presidential library from first president elected in 1948 as well future presidents up until 2040 when presumably, a new addition will be built. An inviting setting to expose Koreans to the intimate history of their nation’s leaders.


Images courtesy of SAMOO


Wooden pods protect skaters as well as make a statement

Winnipeg commissioned Patkau Architects to construct temporary shelters on a frozen lake to protect ice skaters and skiers from the bitter elements. Resembling alien formations on some frozen moon, the plywood structures are designed as such to deflect snowfall accumulation.

Via Co.Design



Images courtesy of Patkau Architects

A Mixed-Used “Cube”

This mixed-used building, completed in 2010, is the final phase of Birmingham’s (UK) Mailbox development complex. The facade of this 23-story building, which contains offices, a hotel, retail and restaurants, is intended to invoke the city’s industrial heritage though it looks like the architects might have been Tetris fans as well.

Via Arch Daily


Images courtesy of MAKE


San Francisco turns parking spaces into relaxed spaces

These “parklets” offer a little oasis in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city. One can argue they take away what’s already scarce parking real-estate in crowded urban areas but they also prove that it doesn’t take a lot of money or planning to come up with ingenious solutions to improve our cities. In addition to San Francisco, they’ve also sprout up in Vancouver, Philadelphia and Los Angeles.


Image courtesy of Liz Hafalia/ SF Chronicle

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Steelyard Square, Luxembourg

Wood added to the former site of a steel mill makes for an inviting public space that integrates crisp modern design with an industrial feel.

Steelyard Sq
Image courtesy of Roger Wagner