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A Handbag Shaped Building For A Handbag Museum. Obviously.

One might not think there was a museum out there solely dedicated to purses and handbags but there is and it’s five-stories dedicated to women’s favorite fashion accessory. The Simone Handbag Museum located in the Gangnam area in Seoul, South Korea. If “Gangnam” sounds somewhat familiar? It should. Anyway, back to the handbags; designed by Korean architects UAD and Charlie Smith Design, the museum has become a tourist attraction and if you’re one of the throngs of guys dragged here begrudgingly to look at room full of Pradas and Valentino purses, the building’s funky architectural design should make the experience more tolerable.



Photos Courtesy of UAD and Charlie Smith Design


This is Wendy and she’s here to clean the air and say ‘hi’.

Sorry, Wendy is not an actual person but a big blue star encased an elaborate scaffolding apparatus and employs fabric coated in nanoparticles which neutralizes airborne toxins. Designed by New York firm, HWKN, it is to be constructed at MoMA’s  PS1 location in Queens for the summer where ‘she’ will host music festivals and remove the equivalent of 260 cars worth of pollutants.

Images courtesy of HWKN

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If the Louvre and the Sydney Opera House had a child, it would probably resemble this Chinese museum

Renowned firm, Foster + Partners’ new art museum in has recently broken ground Datong, China whose four pyramids will be one of four structures built in the city’s new Cultural Plaza. Not only does the designed create a visually striking presence, it employs passive energy with the use of strategically placed skylights maximizing natural light while minimizing solar heating thus driving down energy costs.

Images courtesy of Foster + Partners

This is not an Apple store but the future home of the Korean Presidential archives

Design firm, SAMOO, used the Republic of Korea’s (South Korea) great seal and its box used by presidents as inspiration for the new Presidential Archive’s cubical form. The exhibition hall will be a collective presidential library from first president elected in 1948 as well future presidents up until 2040 when presumably, a new addition will be built. An inviting setting to expose Koreans to the intimate history of their nation’s leaders.


Images courtesy of SAMOO


Casa dos Cubos

Architects weren’t able to alter the exterior of this building due to the city’s (Tomar, Portugal) historic preservation ordinances but that didn’t stop them from transforming it from within creating a rather unusual venue for exhibitions, meetings and other events.Image

Image courtesy of EMBAIXADA arquitectura


AMOA Arthouse, Austin

Architects converted the 150 year-old former Queen Theater into Austin Museum of Art’s new Arthouse. While drastically remodeled with a modern facade complimented with LED lighting, the structure does retain much of its original features such as stucco murals and exposed wooden ceilings.

Image Courtesy of Michael Moran