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Don’t have to be religious to appreciate this contemporary chapel

Most contemporary religious architecture on a modest budget leaves much to be desired but this angled mountain side chapel in El Salvador changes all that. The concrete structure utilizes an open air design for ventilation which especially useful in a tropical climate and the shape minimizes the chapels impact on the environment as to fit in rather than intrude…how refreshing. Apart from an the all concrete construction, two criss-crossing I-beams offer addition support and fittingly form a cross.

Capilla-Cardedeu-by-EMC-Arquitectura-3 Capilla-Cardedeu-by-EMC-Arquitectura-4 Capilla-Cardedeu-by-EMC-Arquitectura-8 Capilla-Cardedeu-by-EMC-Arquitectura-5

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Casa Bromelia

Casa Bromelia, designed by Urban Recycle Studio finished in December 2011 in Salvador, Bahia in Brazil.

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Images courtesy of Urban Recycle Architecture Studio


This building proposal goes with the flow

This proposal submitted by design firm Betillon/Dorval-Bory for Costa Rican NGO, FUNDECOR, would emphasize the organization’s commitment to sustainability by designing the building to maximize airflow as well as allow as much natural light as possible and minimizing its presence on the surrounding environment. Fresh air flows in to through front of the building and is expelled out the back via a blacktop heated by the sun which forces air upward and out of the building.

Unfortunately, this proposal didn’t win the design competition.

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Images courtesy of Betillon/Dorval-Bory

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