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London’s skyline boom shows no sign of slowing down

Fresh off the heels of The London Bridge Tower, aka, The Shard, as well as a few other towers in the City and other places around London, the building boom shows no signs of slowing down as evidenced by this animated gif. Skyscrapers, long a presence in American and later in Asian cities are finding their way across Europe with London and Moscow leading the way. The former holds the title for the tallest building (The Shard) in the EU while the latter holds the title for the tallest building in all of Europe (Mercury City Tower) but it is London who has transformed its skyline dramatically and in fact, there are 200 towers proposed, approved or already under construction. Take that Shanghai and Dubai!

Go to The Guardian’s website for more interactive images

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Images courtesy: Hayes Davidson/The Guardian

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Spectacular Interior Photos Of Barcelona’s La Sagrada Família. Me Gusta.

Spanish photographer, Clement Celma, captured these amazing wide-angle shots of Spanish architect Antoni Gaudí’s famous Basílica i Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família. Construction began in 1882 and then Gaudí took over the project the following year after the original architect,  Francisco de Paula del Villar, retired. Construction was projected to be a prolonged effort which was why by the time of Gaudí’s death in 1926, 44 years later, the basilica was only around 25% complete. Construction continued to progress slowly only to be disrupted by the Spanish Civil War and eventually resumed in the 50’s where as it met the midway point in 2010 and is expected to be competed in 2026. The centennial of Gaudí’s death.




More of his photos here and here. Images courtesy of Clement Celma.


Old fashioned rail station turned into modern home

Leave it to the Dutch to be creative and turn an obsolete crumbling old building into a truly unique expression of modernism such as this case of an old train station converted into a private home in Santpoort. The home owners wanted to preserve the spirit of the rail station so a modern extension with a rust and glass facade was added with the intent to compliment rather than detract from original structure which provides all the modern amenities inside to go with all that history outside.




Images courtesy Zecc Architects


Algae-Powered BIQ House – First Of A Kind

The BIQ House, located in Hamburg, is the first of its kind to harness probably what is one of the world’s most plentiful renewable resources. Algae. Of which is embedded in the facade is bio-reactive and responds to environmental conditions much as a living organism would. In bright sunlight, the algae grows faster creating more shading on warmer days as well as capture thermal heat…lessening costs of traditional heating/ cooling methods…a major concern for large commercial buildings. In addition, the biomass can also be harvested to further power the building as biofuel. This is just the beginning in what ARUP,  one the project designers involved, predicts will be a major transformation in sustainable much needed design over the next 50 years. Happy Earth Day!



Images Courtesy of ARUP

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No, this Dutch building does not have the droids you’re looking for…

While this building looks like it was designed to roam around the dunes of Tatooine selling wayward droids to the locals, it is actually the new municipal office for The Hague in the Netherlands. Designed by Rudy Uytenhaak (not a Jawa, btw) to emphasize a sense of openness inside and out as well as provide for an instant landmark for the surrounding area.

Images courtesy of Rudy Uytenhaak via ArchDaily

Work becomes play at LEGO Office

Yes, this is an actual office. This is LEGO’s corporate office in Denmark and unlike most offices we’re familiar with, this place is fun. Slides, tons of LEGO blocks and bright cheerful lighting is meant to bring out the kid in its adult employees in order for them to better understand what their target audience experiences and thus, make better LEGO. Can you say…dream job?



Images courtesy of RosanBosch


Plantscraper takes vertical farming to the next level. Literally

The future occupants of this skyscraper will be of the green variety but the not of the money-making human types but fruits and vegetables. Designed and developed by Plantagon, the structure has broken ground in Linkoping, Sweden and takes urban farming to the next level. This “plantscraper” will provide the community with plenty off fresh vegetables while any green waste left behind will be recycled into biogas and used to heating and cooling systems.

Images via Plantagon

Thanks to Futurist, Glenn Hough, for the tip!

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Accounting in style

Accounting firm, KPMG, decided to experiment with their new Copenhagen headquarters and hired local design firm, 3XN, to build office space that balances their need for privacy with the desire to maximize open spaces and flow of natural light.

Via Co.Design


Images courtesy of 3XN

Proposed Metropolitan Station 20, Bulgaria

This design proposal for Sofia’s metro station intends to bridge the historic district with the growing city center and maintain a minimal presence while still making a statement. The glass minimizes its effect on the surrounding area and maximizes capture natural light fore the station below.

Via Archinect



Images courtesy of Zeybekoglu Nayman

Casa dos Cubos

Architects weren’t able to alter the exterior of this building due to the city’s (Tomar, Portugal) historic preservation ordinances but that didn’t stop them from transforming it from within creating a rather unusual venue for exhibitions, meetings and other events.Image

Image courtesy of EMBAIXADA arquitectura