What would make your home complete? A rooftop fish farm of course…

Lets face it, humanity’s growth and development has not been so good for the natural environment and one of those areas is our insatiable appetite which is wreaking havoc on ecosystems all over the globe and one area in particular is overfishing which has depleted many species to dangerous levels disrupting and already fragile marine ecology. There has been a growing trend of sustainable agriculture such as locally grown food and urban farming but a group of food futurists want to use that model and apply it to fish farming.


Urban farming has taken off in recent years with many cities turning vacant lots into gardens and while apartment building owners are also getting on board with rooftop gardens. Now, Urban Farmers AG wants to build rooftop fish farms. Their idea is a self contained aquaponics dome that addresses food security and lessen our impact on lakes and oceans. Aquaponics being a combination of aquaculture and hydroponics so it not only does it provide fish, it also produces vegetables and herbs. To go even further with the green impact, the dome would be constructed of renewable and natural materials such as bamboo.




Via Gizmag


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